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Connecting Science

Connecting Science is a social network for scientists and science students who want to inspire non-specialists about their work.

You will find like-minded people who can offer moral support and exchange ideas and experiences of performing all kinds of outreach. Itís a place to find resources and information about funding, outreach opportunities and training. There are regular updates on science communication news, the chance to debate and ask questions and tell people about events.

Join in, and become part of a grand tradition of scientists from Faraday to Feynman, who saw the benefits of sharing science and its wonders with the wider community.

  Walking with robots

A network of robotics researchers (currently drawn from eight UK universities) experts in public engagement and experts in outreach with robots. Their goal is to develop a three-year programme of events engaging the public with the realities of current robotic research and to build relationships within the relevant communities. 

New Economics Foundation - Democs for schools

Democs (deliberative meeting of citizens) is part card game, part policy-making tool, enabling students to engage with complex public policy issues. It helps students find out about a topic, express their views, seek common ground and decide on their position.

Subjects covered include: (KS3) animal experimentation, vaccination and climate change; (KS4) neuroscience, stem cell research and GM food.

To fnd out more or download a copy of the games, visit the NEF site.



National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts

Planet Science A unique website designed to engage young people with science - as well as teachers and parents. The site contains free games, resources and ideas for everyone.

NESTA Futurelab Based in Bristol, NESTA Futurelab brings together the creative, technical and educational communities to pioneer new ways of using new technologies to transform the learning experience. For a showcase of their latest work and research go to

Ignite! This project supports the personal development of exceptionally creative young people aged between 10 and 21 years old. Take a look at for the latest thoughts on creativity in young people, and a range of activities and games.

Crucible aims to enhance and inform the creativity of early career scientists from across science, technology, engineering, medicine and science policy by encouraging them to think about their work in relation to society, the media, politics, globalisation and creativity.


The British Association for the Advancement of Science - dedicated to connecting science with people.

Science Communicators awards help students to develop a broader understanding of the role of science and technology in today's society and the ability to communicate relevant issues in an informed and confident way.

Helping to organise a cafe scientifique is an activity eligible for consideration toward a Science Communicator Award. For more information, download the BA's information sheet here (Word document).

Les cafes scientifiques juniors - the original project in Lyon, France.


The national network of Science Learning Centres offers high quality continuing professional development for everyone involved in the teaching of science in primary and secondary schools and FE colleges.


Let's Talk

A regional website for girls in West Yorkshire and Humberside who are interested in Science, Engineering, Construction or Technology as career choices.

Talking Point


A BBC Online article from 2001, which addresses the question "Should schools be teaching the ethics of science?"

Read it here.

Science in School is a new European journal to promote inspiring science teaching. It covers biology, physics, chemistry, maths and earth sciences, highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research, and focusing on interdisciplinary work.
Science in School is freely available. Online articles are published in many European languages; a print version is distributed in English.

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