1. Do you have what it takes to be a speaker?

You need to be interested in communicating science and have a willingness to enthuse school students about it. In short, you need enthusiasm, commitment and a desire to make a difference.

Café Scientifique isn’t a science club, debating society or classroom activity. It is a lunchtime/after school event where the emphasis is on the issues and content; a gateway into promoting science and higher education and a chance to introduce real world science into a non-classroom environment.

A school’s Cafe Scientifique programme will be devised by the students, then, with the help of the project organiser and teacher co-ordinator, you will be matched with a café needing your expertise. But this isn’t a platform for you to promote your research or scientific interests; rather, a chance for you really to think deeply with young people on scientific matters that they would like to know more about.

What benefits are there for speakers?

  • Promote public engagement in science

  • Give something back to school education.

  • Develop and extend transferable skills – presentational, communication and interpersonal.

  • Become aware of developments in school science.

  • Opportunities to inspire excite and enthuse young people.

  • Chances to talk to school students out of the classroom, in an informal setting.

  • Interesting change from your normal work.

  • Develop links between local schools and universities and industry.

  • Promote your department/institution/organisation.

  • Be a role model for the scientists of tomorrow.



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