Past topics & titles

Students will be well aware of issues in the current headlines. Cafe Sci will give them the chance to turn their concerns into participation and because the starting point will always be the facts and ideas behind the issue, it will be an opportunity for learning.

The availability of titles and topics will depend on the specialisms of the speakers in your area. These are just examples!


q       Drugs and Sport

q       The Physics of “The Matrix'

q       Sex and Evolution

q       Will Robots Have Feelings?

q       Science and Religion

q       Do Boys and Girls Think Differently?

q       Will Men have Babies?

q       GM Trials: not so jolly Gene Giants?

q       To infinity & beyond!

q       Prime numbers and secret messages

q       Is HIV winning the battle?

q       Cosmology and the very early Universe

q       Are there parallel Universes?

q       Black holes - What and where are they?

q       The Biggest Bang!

q       Science - From inspiration to profit

q       The Agony of Anti-Cancer Drugs

q       Are statistics misused in the media?

q       Rockets away!

q       Can numbers really be fun?

q       Detonations and explosions

q       The Chemistry of Poison

q       Did life on Earth begin on Earth?

q       Global warming: Are we heading for meltdown or an ice age?

q       Global warming - the Whitehouse effect?




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