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We're working with these and other organisations.


We're really grateful for the work our speakers put in and in particular, to the deans and faculties who have recently agreed to support our work by meeting travel expenses for their faculty members:

  • School of Applied Sciences, Huddersfield University
  • Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Manchester
  • Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester
  • School of Physics, University of York
  • School of Psychology, University of York
  • School of Biology, University of York
  • School of Applied Science, Northumbria University
  • Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, University of Cumbria - www.cumbria.ac.uk
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds
  • Faculty of Mathematics & Physical Sciences, University of Leeds
  • Faculty of Science, University of Durham
  • University of Newcastle
  • Faculty of Science, University of Sheffield
  • School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham


  The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth is concerned with delivering high quality events and training for the most able students in our schools. It also includes a professional training section for those involved in the education of gifted and talented students and a research institute for development of provision in this area.
Encouraging young people to think about the benefits and opportunities of higher education; especially those from families with no tradition of HE.
  For everything to do with education in Leeds.

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