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The process will go something like this:

1. You'll take part in a short (but intense!) workshop with the project organiser, who will go through this pack, help you to put together your team and start you thinking about how to select a topic, choose a venue, publicise your event and chair a Café Scientifique. By the end of this meeting you will have made some decisions, such as the topic of the first Café Scientifique meeting and who is responsible for what in your team.

2. Your team will have to meet at least twice more to continue with the arrangements and check that everything is on track (see ‘The team’ below for details of different roles and activities). Based on your discussions, the project organiser will arrange your speaker and send their contact details to you so that you can finalise arrangements directly with them. The project organiser and your teacher co-ordinator will be on hand to help you with any questions or problems.

3. You hold your first Café Scientifique. The project organiser will be there to support you but the team will chair the meeting, welcome the audience, liaise with the speaker and ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. A lunchtime Café Scientifique could run like this:

12.10 – Doors open
12.15 – Welcome and introduction
12.17 – Speaker
12.30 – Open discussion
12.50 – Event ends

4. You meet again with the project organiser and teacher co-ordinator to discuss how the cafe went and identify problems and things to change for next time.

5. The process begins again – but for your second Café Scientifique, you will need less support. The project organiser and assistant organiser will still be available by phone or email and will come in to meet you or to attend your café if you need them to, but you will probably want to run things your way this time around. As time goes on, the project organiser’s main role will be to line up your speaker when you have decided on a topic.


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